Getting enough fiber in your diet?

Liz Baugher - Fiber isn’t a new subject; our hunter-gatherer ancestors consumed a wide range of fiber-containing plants, and many historical figures have acknowledged and promoted fiber’s benefits. Over time, our understanding of the powerful role that fiber plays in keeping the body healthy has developed significantly. Various studies have demonstrated that a diet adequate in fiber is linked to ... Read More

Race Report: Patriots Half

After two seasons of racing, it seemed like a good idea to try a half iron-distance race this year. I put the Patriots Half in Williamsburg, Virginia on my B-race list. It had some extra significance, being in historic Jamestown, with the swim in the James, the day before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Because my training was geared to my A-races at sprint and Olympic distances, and because my run... Read More

Tuned in to Our Customers

After a successful Summer of event coverage including three national championships, Endurance Films Producer Danny Kolker reflects on our experience and the bond many of us share as triathletes. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us for over a decade of multisport training and racing. From our humble beginnings in a one room office in Hollywood, to the training Mecca of Boulder, Colorad... Read More
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