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Santa has agreed to give to give you two presents: (1) the gift of meeting a specific triathlon racing or training goal and (2) a piece of triathlon-related equipment. What would you ask for?

------------------- Winning my first draft legal race this season particularly in the continental cup level and a set of Zipp 404's [Casey Bateman, 22, Santa Maria, CA] Well can it be anything else but qualifying for KONA? I'll settle for a breaking 4:30 in a half iron this year.  I’d ask for a Vasa Ergometer, I hear it does wonders for improving the swim. [Nick Logan, 30, Norwalk, CT] I would love to be able to run a sub 7 minute mile uninjured for the whole season!  Each time I get to 7 or just below I sustain an “over use” injury and have to stop running then start all over.  That’s why the sub 7 and not sub 6.  Have to be realistic and help the old guy out!  Also race wheels and everything that they need to work!  (minus a really fast girl)…working on that one… [Diane Camet, 41, San Diego, CA] Santa, I’d like a sub 21-minute 5k in a=my sprint triathlons and I’d like to improve my swim to where I am finishing in the top 15-20% of swimmers in my age group (I’m typically just in the top 1/3). Would airfare to Auckland, NZ for ITU Age Group Worlds count as equipment?? [Cortney Martin, 44, Blacksburg, VA] I would ask that I have a flawless Ironman South Africa race well under 11 hours and a custom made and decorated Jack Kane tri bike. [Siphiwe Baleka, 40, Muncie, IN] My wish list from Santa is top ten finishes at Nationals and Worlds in 2012, and a pair of running shoes that race light, with stability, low heel, but great padding mid-foot and don't need orthotics for pronators. Any specific suggestions for this shoe for Santa? [Scott Endsley, 57, San Diego, CA] I would pick to finish top 5 at Collegiate Nationals and a new custom Guru or Jack Kane bike that actually fits me well would be a nice addition!! [Liz Baugher, 23, College Station, TX] My goal for this year is to qualify for Triathlon Worlds, and to break the ribbon at least once….doesn’t matter which race.  I’d also like to rock out my first Ironman not just survive it.  In order to achieve either of those I have to get faster in the water so the piece of equipment I would ask for  would be an endless pool (if it came with a coach that would be great!!) [Laura Bergmann, 29, Ranson, WV] Happy Holidays from the Endurance Films Racing Team!!


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