I competed in the Rhoto IronMan 70.3 in Kona in June 2011.  I went with my training buddies and a couple of nights before the race we had a few bottles of wine.  I wanted to keep a cork so I tossed it into my room.  Funny thing when I packed up my transition bags I never found the cork. I finished the bike in under 3 hours and I’m in transition with the volunteers who shout out your bib number and run your transition bag to you.  I grab my running shoes and can’t figure out why my foot won’t fit into the shoe.  I pull it out and look at it, it still looks like a normal foot so I try again, same thing.  I realized that there was something in there besides my foot.  I turned my shoe upside down and there was the +*/< cork!  Instead of shouting out numbers one of the volunteers yelled “hey this one has a wine cork in her shoe but we can’t find the bottle” so of course I said I used it to hydrate on the bike.  Everyone got a good laugh and I still have the cork! - Always an adventure! - Diane Camet, Endurance Films Racing Team


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