Inspired by Cortney's post I decided to look up my totals on Training Peaks as well. 2010 Logged workouts Swim-200,637 yards Bike-3090.93 miles Run-982.39 miles- Weights 27.45 hours 2010 was a big year for me volume wise and ended with me hitting my ultimate goal of qualifying for Team USA at long course nationals.  I'm pretty sure I missed logging a bunch of workouts towards the end of the year as I was really burnt out from doing possibly too much!  I had really focused on my swim so I wouldn't be so far back coming out of the water. It definitely helped! 2011 logged workouts Swim 129,506 yards Bike 3544.03 miles Run 601.76 miles Weights  71.13 hours In 2011 you'll notice a big difference in my time spent swimming and my time spent lifting. I spent a good portion of the first 6 months of the year with Crossfit Endurance programming in attempts to experiment to see how it would affect my triathlon training. It really helped my top end speed, but my swimming and my extended endurance suffered, around June I switched back to a mix of tradition triathlon training while keeping some CFE principles but not all.  You'll notice I ran almost 400 miles LESS and swam  a little more than 70,000 LESS yards.  While this has only impacted in my running in a positive way, my swim has been stagnant at best.  In 2012 I need to get back to swimming regularly! 2012 Goals; Swim- 200,000 yards (mix of pool/Vasa Trainer) Bike- 4,000 Miles Run- 1,000 Miles Weights- 25 hours The goal is not to just do endless volume but to put in QUALITY workouts on all fronts.  I decided to focus more on S/B/R this season and making my Strength training take a back seat for the year. I'm hoping to have continued success with myself and my athletes and I am know what I recently learned out in CO at my USAT level 2 clinic will help me make this season my best ever!  Happy New Year Everyone!


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