My list of wants and desires is more than what Santa can fit into his sleigh, but here it goes: PowerTap or some way to measure power; new Aero helmet (not a specific brand yet but I currently have the Giro 2 and I would like to upgrade); EFRT winter gear. I'd also like to re-qualify for 2014 Age Group Nationals; secure a lottery spot for the Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4; and find a way to effectively balance family, work, and graduate school while still competing (William VanCise, 30, Maryland) I would like a Jack Kane bike and a helmet that fits, a power meter, and those cool new bike shoes that attach to your bike and make 'slipping your foot in' while peddling very easy. Add to that super swim skills, awesome bike power, and to run like a Kenyan. I want Boston to go smoothly, nationals to be successful, and Worlds to be life changing. (Laura Bergmann, 31, West Virginia) I'm shooting for the stars this year and would like to qualify for Kona, run a sub 5 min mile, break an hour for the bike leg of an Olympic tri, learn to do a good flip turn, survive my last semester of classes (this might be my hardest goal! lol). I'd like a pedal power meter, a UConn Jack Kane road bike, aero helmet with a built in visor, and a coach (Corey Robinson, 24, Connecticut)   I'm still waiting on the Vasa Ergometer I asked Santa for last year! (Nick Logan, 32, Connecticut) I'd like a set of race wheels, new winter training gear (for those two weeks of California "winter"), and a power meter for my bike. I'd also like to consistently run a sub-7 minute mile and somehow become a morning person for all this early AM training. Santa, can you throw in an elf to clean my bike ? (Megan Severa, 32, California) Most important is to have my health at 100% this year without any weird surprises!!!!I would love to finally break a 1:30 half marathon, have fun, qualify to 70.3 Worlds again, and get to meet everyone finally at Nationals this year!!!! (Nicole Baxter-Brown, 37, Florida) For me it would be to get in the low 23's for an Olympic swim, break an hour in an Olympic bike (preferably both in the same race!) and most importantly stay healthy for the whole year. (Tom Norton, 35, Maine) I'd like a happy and healthy race season. Beyond that, I'd like the gift of a consistent high elbow catch and powerful freestyle stroke! It would sure be nice to come out of the swim in the top 20% of women this year. Maybe Santa you could put a sub-20 minute 5K in my stocking too. I don't really have any "stuff" on my list but I will probably need a new wetsuit this year. (Cortney, 45, Virginia) 3 H's. Happy, Healthy, and Houston Half Marathon PR. Hard work will pay off! (Liz Baugher, 25, Texas)


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