The Endurance Films Racing Team was very excited to learn that Aqua Sphere had chosen to sponsor us and we received our gear last weekend! I was already a fan. I've exclusively worn Aqua Sphere goggles since I began swimming four years ago. At the time, I searched reviews and discovered that their products were the most highly regarded, particularly among triathletes. I selected the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Ladies and that's all I have ever worn. They are comfortable, secure, long-lasting, and provide great visibility. They have not dislodged in the most chaotic of swim starts, nor have they leaked. We received the Aqua Sphere Ironman Speedsuits too. I'd heard of speedsuits, but never felt or tried one. They are a stretchy "hydroform" fabric that feels a bit rubbery but has just the right amount of give. It fit like a glove! And as one who is a bit swimmingly-challenged, I was excited to put it to the test. The suit zips up the back with a handy detachable zipper leash. I couldn't wait to try it, so just two days after returning from Nationals and two full days of driving home, I got it out. I was not at my best and not planning to swim hard, but I couldn't help but crank out a few fast 50's and 100's. Those were the fastest 50s and 100s I have hit. It's very comfortable, doesn't fill with water, and there's no chafing or binding. My teammate, Laura took hers for a "swim" too. She said, "Thank you so much Aqua Sphere my suit took 30 seconds of my time today and I've never seen so clearly with goggles! I will definitely use these as my race day goggles; they are awesome!! Since lack of visibility has cost me precious time in past races I'm excited to use them in DC at the Nations Tri." I think I'd really like this suit on cooler days too. I'm excited to get more swim time logged in the suit and break it out next race season! The team is really grateful to Aqua Sphere!  


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