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Bobby McGee Running Tips: How to Become a Fast Runner

To view and comment on this video, Click Here The majority of every successful runner's training is easy paced. The benefits that accrue here are the greatest of all training benefits. Going just slightly faster than is necessary to achieve this response brings a number of risk factors into play, without any added benefit whatsoever! Quality training is necessary, as the icing on the cake of course & neuro-muscularly we need to learn the skill of running fast as well, but elite runners seem to do a lot of "speed work", but relative to the volume they do, it is typically less than that of the average runner & triathlete. So don't worry, go slow & you'll get the same benefits (& more, because you'll train for longer) as your ego driven buddies who always want to push the pace. If you enjoy this video, please post your comments on Facebook - I will personally answer your questions. To receive more free running videos, click here ->http://bobbymcgee.com/welcome


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