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Joe Friel Defines Stress in Triathlon Training - there is Distress vs. Eustress

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0:01 - What is stress?

0:29 - Distress vs. Eustress

2:00 - Training Stress defined

4:20 - Duration vs. intensity in training stress

4:49 - Training stress can be measured in many different ways

6:15 - What is RPE? And how do you use it?

7:30 - Measuring RPE in a group vs. training alone 7:50 - Measuring stress using devices EF - 0152  

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Joe Friel discusses the use of Stress in Triathlon Training. Most people think of stress as a bad thing. But that is distress. Joe Friel defines good stress and Eustress, and talks about how to use it and measure it in building triathlon training.

This is a short clip from the Endurance Films Art & Science Series -- The Art & Science Series is a joint production with USAT and Endurance Films to provide coaching education materials for Triathlon Coaches. Each Lecture series is worth 12 Triathlon Coaching CEUs.

This lecture is from Art & Science Volume 2 ->


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