We have quite a lot of video content from Joe Friel inside EFTI. With good reason. He's one of the top triathlon minds in the world. He's coached everyone from World Champions and Olympians to beginning age-groupers. He's also the author of The Triathlete's Training Bible - the most successful triathlon training book ever. This article,The Key to Athletic Succes, from Joe's personal blog is great, because it shows you what's at the heart of his legendary training philosphy:

The Key to Athletic SuccessThe Key to Athletic Success

Athletes often train too frequently, too long and too intensely. That inevitably leads to overtraining, burnout, illness and injury. Over the last 30 years I’ve helped many athletes get out of the rut they’ve dug for themselves by teaching them to train moderately and consistently. This is the key to success in sport.

If your race performance is spotty and you are unable to perform to your potential at A-priority events then excessive and inconsistent training may be the cause. In fact, I've found this to usually be the reason. If you are frequently tired when it's time to do a quality session then it certainly is the cause. In this case you must learn to harness and direct your desire to succeed. How can you do that? It starts with training moderation. READ MORE


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