Do You Know Tri? Triathlon Trivia ChallengeDo you know Tri? Triathlon Trivia Challenge


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  1. What distance do triathletes run in an Ironman? 
  2. How many half Iron Man races are there to get to the championship? 
  3. In which U.S. state is the Ironman championship usually held in? 
  4. How many competitors completed the first Ironman race? 
  5. Who was the first woman to win Triathlon Olympic gold? 
  6. What is the term T1? 
  7. How long is the swim of Olympic distance triathlon? 
  8. What is it called when you are less than three bike lengths from the biker in front of you? 
  9. How long is the traditional Ironman swim in miles? 
  10. For which country does Javier Gomez race? 
  11. Who was the first man to win the Olympic Gold for triathlon? 
  12. Rounded to the nearest mile, how long is the average Ironman competition in miles?




ANSWERS: 1. 26.2   2. 21  3. Hawaii  4. 12  5. Brigitte McMahon  6. Swim/Bike Transition  7. 1500 meters 8. Drafting  9. 2.4  10. Spain  11. Simon Witfield  12. 141


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