Race results - SD Tri Club Relay, Fearless Tri

My wife Wendy, and my friend and fellow Team USA member Craig Zelent and I teamed up to win the SD Tri Club relay over 45+ division, and came in 7th overall. There about 60 three person teams competing in this sprint relay race. Wendy and I also won our age group divisions at the Fearless triathlon the weekend before and I was 52 overall out of approximately 800 competitors. Read More

Ironman South Africa Week1 Training Update

Just finished my first real week of training for Ironman South Africa. I feel great. I have been doing more neuromuscular activation and dynamic warmup before my workouts and have switched to the Paleo Diet for Athletes. I ordered and received grass fed beef jerky to carry on the truck, and since I've been home a lot more to be there when TaNihisi is born, my wife has been making poached eggs with... Read More

Superfrog Half Ironman

These pictures are from the Superfrot Half Ironman I did on September 11th this year where I placed 2nd It was a nightmare run but the swim started with an awesome 1.2 mile swim (2 lap course), good sized waves with lots of current, I think almost 100 in my wave start.  Out and around the buoys, got off course, caught in major current and ended up swimming in the opposite direction cursing myself... Read More

Roll Call: What do you eat for breakfast before a morning training session?

Periodically we'll do a "roll call" to find out a little more about the EFRT members and to see the diversity in approaches to topics related to training and racing. Leave us a comment and tell us what YOU eat for breakfast!! I usually have a swig of OJ and half a banana. If I’m going to do something a little more intense I might eat 2-3 GU Chomps (with caffeine). Then after the session is ov... Read More

Coaches bring order out of chaos

Today I met with Coach Jim to review the marathon plan and to do some preliminary planning for 2012. He had told me after my last triathlon to put it all aside until after the marathon but it's like when someone says not to think about elephants and you immediately think of an elephant. It didn't help when I'd listen to triathlon podcasts on long runs ( here we go with podcasts again ). I like ... Read More

Bike Fit

Well not quite! I did however, get a  bike fit , that has totally updated my bikes appearance. Ok Sorry I couldnt get the picture to rotate!! The last 2 years has been a long drawn out process of trying to fit properly to my bike which is not suitable for my body type.  John Cobb  was nice enough to come down to Aggieland and lend us some hand in proper bike fits at a discounted price. As ... Read More

Individual Differences in Running Speed

I was listening to the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show podcast with Dave Scott, 6-time Ironman World Champion (Oct 27, 2011), last weekend on my long run. Dave was describing his marathon at a 6:02 pace as just a "bit more than aerobic" with a heart rate in the 140’s. Aerobic at 6:02!! Later that day I spoke to a friend who just signed up for her second half-marathon and she was very nearly apologiz... Read More
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